Our Service.

A good quality solar PV system which is installed by trained people can reliably provide power for 25 years. Please remember that a solar system is going to be exposed to harsh weather during these long years and only a high quality product will work and save your valuable money.

Even the tiniest fault such as: carelessly tapered wiring, hanging cables or just on the oversize screw is nothing but slow poison to your system. What's worse, you wont even recognize that such flaws are killing your system.

That's where PEETEE SOLAR comes in: 

      A brand, providing quality...

      A Team, Certified by Government of India for solar installation and project management...

PEETEE electric solar not only offers you an ideal solution but ensures quality in installation and service of the system.

When you call us for a solution, our technical team arrives at your site and perform detailed analysis to provide you the best system for your requirement. How does it benefits you?

  • You get a customised SOLAR system which suits your personal needs.
  • You get high quality material and excellent installation.
  • You get very high Quality Service and Support.